The Hassle-Free way to sell

   We buy houses in any condition

   No need to clean

    No costly repairs

    Sell on your terms without the hassle!

We Buy Houses In Lansing, Michigan

Sell your house in the Greater Lansing Area hassle-free. Don’t worry about making repairs, cleaning, showing your house to potential buyers, or worrying about when you’ll finally get your money. We’ll buy your house fast and make the process simple. See how it works!

We buy houses fast for cash

We are Ivan and Rachel. A husband and wife team of local house buyers based in Eaton Rapids who have been buying houses in the Lansing area since 2010.    We aren’t real estate agents looking to list your house… we’ll buy it outright.  We know how challenging it can be to sell and can show you a much simpler way.

Evolution of a home seller…

You had great plans to sell your house. Sure, the basement was full of year’s worth of stuff and there were some repairs to be made but a few trips to Lowes and a couple weekends should have been enough to get it done. You started off with great energy but after taking your third pickup load out of the basement you realized it was going to take longer than expected. Enthusiasm waned over the next few weeks and you found yourself just picking away at things. Eventually, you realized you weren’t going to be able to pull it off and quietly accepted defeat. Now What!?

No matter your situation, we can help…

Inherited House

Expensive Repairs

Bad Tenants



Emotionally Drained

When your house has become more of a burden than a blessing, we can quickly and efficiently make your problem disappear.  Our transparent, no-hassle, flexible home buying process allows you take back control and get on with your life.  

Okay, sounds nice but what are we actually talking about?  


Transparent – Just look at how we explain our methods. We’re an open book!

No-Hassle –  All that stuff in your basement you didn’t get around to removing…. don’t worry about it.  All our offers allow you to leave anything you don’t want.  We work hard to take as much burden off your shoulders as possible. 

Flexible – Need to stay in your house for three months after you sell?  We can make that happen.  We are always looking for ways to accommodate your needs.  If there is something you want just let us know. 

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Quick cash

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No judgment

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No money out of your pocket

No fees, commissions or costly repairs

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Take what you want, leave the rest for us

No more stress

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