There are a lot of factors to consider when selling your house.  So how should you sell your house fast in the Lansing area?  Let’s break it down to hopefully gain some clarity.

Selling through a real estate agent 

We have sold houses with an agent and know it can definitely give some advantages.  In these circumstances the house was in excellent condition (after we made all necessary repairs) and we had the time and resources available to wait for the process to play out.   The process looks like this:

Selling with real estae agent vs. cash buyer

As you can see, there are a lot of steps involved in selling your house traditionally.  The process works but can often be expensive in time and money.  There are likely repairs to be made before you list the house and usually after the potential buyer has done a home inspection.  Preparing the house for showings is also a time intensive job and can be burdensome.  The appraisal must come back with a high enough value to justify the sales price.  Then there is the underwriting process.  This is where the lender takes a look at all the documents and information pertaining to the sale of your house and decides whether it is adequate to allow the sale to be completed.  This whole process can go smoothly and only take a couple months to complete but more commonly it will require 6+ months.  For some, the choice to sell their house this way makes total sense and it is the best option.  For others who would prefer not to (or can’t) go through these steps there may be a better opportunity.  This is the process we use at Home Buyers of Michigan and it looks like this:

We make sellng your house simple

Selling to Home Buyers of Michigan:

As you can see the process we offer is much simpler and doesn’t require you to perform any repairs, prepare your house for showings or wait for a bank to underwrite a mortgage.  By selling to Home Buyers of Michigan you can get your money in as little as 10 days.  We also allow you to leave anything in the house you don’t want to bother moving and you can close on the date of your choosing.  We really try to understand your situation and make things as easy as possible for you to sell with terms that fit your life.

This all sounds good… what is the downside?  While we always like to make cash offers there are times we don’t have our cash available.  We are always in the process of buying, rehabbing or selling other houses and this can tie up our cash.  Since we don’t have an unlimited supply of cash (that would be nice) we sometimes have to work with investor-friendly lenders to provide us funding to buy houses.  These lenders aren’t picky and we have good relationships with them that make this transaction go very smoothly and quickly.  It does mean we can’t always close in 10 days (which we like to do) but can get it done in 30 days or less.  Also, in order to help people with their real estate issues, we have to make a profit.  This means that we aren’t always able to pay full retail value for your house.  We will always be transparent with our offers and you will know exactly why our offer is what it is.

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