About Home Buyers of Michigan

We recently worked with a home seller to successfully help him with a difficult situation. His mother had recently passed away and he was in the process of trying to prepare her house for sale. The house was a 1600 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom tri-level in Haslett, MI. His mother had many accumulated possessions from years of living at the house and her son had been working after hours and weekends to clean it up. He lived 45 minutes from the house and was finding it difficult to find the time to take care of everything that needed to be done. It was an emotionally difficult time for him and he was growing weary of dealing with things.

The house was more of a burden than a blessing. He contacted us and we listened to his concerns. We made an offer that allowed him to leave behind anything he didn’t want to take and would be able to close quickly. When we took possession of the house a couple weeks later it was still full of many of his mother’s possessions that we were glad to take care of for him. He would have still had a lot of work to do to get things ready to sell traditionally with a real estate agent. Even then he would still have been left with a house that was in need of many repairs that would have been difficult to sell. In the end he achieved his goals and was very appreciative for how we helped him.

We have good relationships with many professionals who all play a role in our quest to provide a valuable service to homeowners.  We work with these professionals to ensure everything we do is as streamlined as possible while adhering to applicable laws and providing you the reassurance you need to feel confident when you work with us.

Daudi and Kroll, P.C. – A legal firm in Okemos, MI that has drafted our contracts and provides reassurance that everything conforms to Michigan law.

Home Towne Title – Ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed and contract terms are followed leading up to and including the final closing.

  Contractors – We work with many different contractors to provide clarity when questions arise.  An invaluable resource when you are looking to sell your house.

Private investors – These people have loaned us money and help us purchase houses with cash.  They earn a nice return on their investment and we in turn are able to help home owners.

Local Banks – These are banks with which we have solid, first name kind of relationships.  They know what we do and align well with our mission.  They mobilize quickly when we need them and help us to maintain our ability to buy even when we are working on multiple projects at once.

When you work with us, we use all these relationships and resources to help you achieve your real estate goals.  It is a system that has served us and our customers very well over the years.

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